It is never too late to be an entrepreneur!

• Meet like-minded, motivated, open-hearted, curious and ambitious entrepreneurial minds

• Think of it as a creative business trip with holiday feel – pitching your ideas and enjoying the local food

• Enjoy our amazing spirit of networking, talks, inspirational speakers and fulfilling time together

• Get insight for your business from other entrepreneurs and feedback from our successful leaders specializing in multiple business areas

• Experience valuable input from entrepreneurs from different parts of the world and get a different perspective for your business

Our events

Our events last between 3 to 7 days, in different locations in Europe, and it usually includes mixture of ages, interests, businesses and nationalities.
We are planning to do some events in Asia and USA in year 2019 – please do not hesitate to come up with your suggestions of beautiful and unique locations where we can all meet and share our knowledge, power and beautiful energy.

How does it work?

You will combine work and networking in beautiful setting, surrounded by other entrepreneurs who will be sharing their ideas and making input to your projects and ideas.
You will come home with renewed energy, new level of understanding your ideas, and plenty of new ideas to implement.

Is it for you?

You must have a great passion for your start-up, a developing business or starting to develop some ideas for the future business. You must be willing to share your knowledge and accept all those exciting ideas from people with passion for entrepreneurship. You might be working for a company but have an entrepreneurial spirit!
Our events will focus on multiple topics, with our leaders being some of the most successful entrepreneurs in finance, real estate, marketing, consulting, ecommerce, coming from such countries as England, Switzerland, Holland, Belgium, USA to name a few.
We do not have a restriction for age – we believe it is never too late to start being a successful business owner! We encourage mix of different ages, interests and nationalities.

You will meet plenty of exciting people, and expand your professional work!